A status update!

We haven’t disappeared! ubcADC is still here. But unfortunately, due to a number of personal issues, execs were not able to get the club up and running this 2nd school term.

We are working hard to be back by the end of March. Keep following us here and on our Facebook page for more updates.

November 8th: the economics of mobile app development

Now that the midterms season is over (for most people!), we will be hosting an interesting session on the ‘economics of mobile apps’ on Wednesday, November 8th, 7-8pm in ICICS X250.

While it is true that writing well-designed and bug-free code should be the first priority in app development, at the same time a good app has no future if it cannot reach your intended audience. This session will be particularly interesting for anyone who has just published an app or is about to publish one, and wants to learn some tricks and useful tools to find users, increase engagement and improve monetisation. There won’t be any coding involved, therefore it will also be interesting to first-year students or anyone who doesn’t have experience with actual app development.

We will discuss marketing best practices to follow when developing and publishing apps on the major app stores. We will explain some of the main metrics for user engagement, and a number of tools that can be used to track and improve user retention rates. We will also spend some time discussing app marketing tools and app store optimisation, and strategies to reach high positions in app stores rankings.

An additional quick announcement: We are looking for volunteers experienced with Android development who can join the team and help us deliver interesting Android tutorials. Please let us know at info@ubcadc.org if you can help.

October 11th: info for attendees

Android LogoUpdate: the source code from the meeting is available here.

If you are planning to join us tomorrow for our Introduction to Android development tutorial, here is some important information regarding tomorrow’s meeting:

  • We will work on a weather application that downloads a JSON file from the ubcADC web server, and parses it to display the current weather conditions for Vancouver.
  • What you will learn will allow you to understand how Android apps are created, how they connect to remote APIs, and how fetched data can be displayed in your app. This is the foundation of almost all mobile apps.
  • Before you come, install Android Studio on your laptop, and make sure that you can create a new Android project and modify the contents of its MainActivity Java class. You might also be asked to install the Android SDK. Please allow this, and choose Android 7.1 Lollipop or Android 8.0 Oreo if asked for a version of the SDK.
    • Do not wait until the start of the session to complete the installation: the process takes around 15 minutes, and we will have a pretty tight schedule to follow since the meeting is only 1 hour long.
    • Android Studio comes with an embedded version of the Java JDK, but in case you get error messages regarding the JDK, you can install it from scratch here.
  • Feel free to also bring your Android phone with a USB cable, if you have one. You will be able to install your new app and test it without using a simulator. Before coming, enable USB debugging by following the instructions reported here if you plan on running the app on your phone.
    • If you don’t have a phone, no worries. You will also be able to do everything we will do tomorrow by using the simulator included in Android Studio.

There’s no need to be a member of ubcADC if you are just interested in this session. But if you are not a member yet, you will be able to join us tomorrow. There is no membership fee, at least for this year, since we have just started the club.
See you tomorrow!

October 11th: an introduction to Android development

Android LogoOn October 11th, join us for an introductory tutorial that will teach you how to design a basic Android app in ICICS X250 at 7-8pm.

We will work on a simple application that downloads the current weather information for Vancouver from a JSON web API and displays it on the screen.

Knowledge of Java at the CPSC 210 level is suggested.

Sign up by filling this form.

September 27th: an introduction to iOS development

Swift LogoPoll results are in! Our next meeting will be in X250 this Wednesday, September 27th, 7-8pm (instead of 6-7pm as previously announced). We will talk briefly about the iOS ecosystem, then develop a simple iPhone app using Swift.

Make sure you bring a Mac with a copy of Xcode (you can get it from the App Store), and a USB cable to connect your iPhone, if you want to install your app (optional).

September 13th: first meeting

Our first meeting will be in ICICS X250 on Wednesday, September 13th, 7-8pm. If you haven’t signed up yet for our club, please do so at this link.

Following meetings will instead start a hour earlier, at 6-7pm, in order to facilitate all commuting students.

During the meeting, we will:

  • Get to know each other, introducing ourselves and our interests
  • Give new members access to our Slack chat board
  • Hear more from you! What are your thoughts? What do you expect to gain from this club?
  • Discuss the logistics of our club structure
  • Look for interesting speakers for our first student-run talks in October

We look forward to see you!

Meet us at Imagine Day 2017!

Imagine Day back in 2013!Our club will take part in the Science Faculty Fair during Imagine Day on September 5th. It will be a great opportunity to meet us for the first time. You will find our booth on University Boulevard, right in front of the Science Advising Office.

If you haven’t joined the club yet, you will be able to leave your contacts directly at the booth, or by filling this online form.